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Projects, Construction & New Developments

When you close your eyes and visualize your perfect home on the Costa Blanca with everything you have ever dreamed of, a home flooded with wonderful Mediterranean sunshine, terraces that you can enjoy watching the sun go down, beautiful views located in the perfect location for you.  

We will assist you through the process, from the purchase of the plot to shaping it into a home with the sole purpose of turning your ideas into a reality.

PLOT: If you have not already purchased a plot, and as the choice of the plot is the most important part of the building project, we can present a personalised selection based on your wishes, the location, view, facilities, and in the area you would like and within your overall budget. 

DESIGN: We work with distinguished, prominent architects and are well placed to help you choose an Architect that fits with your style, your taste, budget and also, most importantly, who speaks your language. 

PLANNING & DOCUMENTATION: We will take care of everything that is necessary to build your house. We will liaise with the local planning office and source the appropriate permits.  We will do all the legal paperwork and will keep you informed throughout.  

We offer a full Project Management Service during the construction process.  We will:

Negotiate cost and prepare estimates according to budgets, along with a working timetable
Direct relevant construction strategies and methodologies
Explain contracts and technical information to the work team and other professionals involved
Deliver reports on work progress and budget matters to you
Monitor the work of architects, engineers and construction specialists on all levels
Respond in a professional and efficient manner to solve potential delays, and any other problems
Comply with all local and national legal requirements, building, safety codes and other regulations

Establish design criteria, objectives and investment limits
Study and analyse characteristics of the land type
Determine Infrastructure based on objectives to be achieved
Selection of topographer
Request technical files from the corresponding Town hall
Initial feasibility study and assistance in land purchase
Present offer of services for approval.

Establish and incorporate an estimated cost of the project
Basic outline of the project development plan
Provide recommendations to achieve objectives
Develop the project programme with the client, the architect, contractor, technicians, etc
Coordinate the design development between all parties involved
Produce a monthly report, client liaison, and regular updates
Certify the co-ordination and payments of the project from all related professionals
Payments and withdrawal of the architect's certificate from the college of architects
Request of corresponding licenses from official organisations
Co-ordination of payments of any relevant taxes or fees due to various organisations
Assign the Health and Safety Study in preparation of the construction phase.

Receive and review geotechnical study
Produce detailed project documentation
Co-ordinate the development, design and construction between all parties involved
Payments and withdrawal of the project from the college of architects
Request construction licenses from the relevant organisations
Co-ordinate payments of relevant taxes and fees
Produce the Health and Safety study
Select and contract the technical control organisation (OCT) and the 10-year insurance

Develop strategies for the design and construction
Negotiate contracts with the contractors and subcontractors
Delivery of the project documents to the contractors
Comparative study of offers received from contractors
Interview contractors and define their offers and conditions
Incorporate client recommendations and selection of final contractor
Negotiate and finalise the construction contract, with contractor and client

In-depth control to ensure all correct procedures are in place
Co-ordination of the planning and programming of works
Payment, application and withdrawal of all licenses
Acceptance and signing by the contractor of the Health and Safety plan
Arrangement of regular Board of Control meetings with all parties involved
Constant review of resource, time scales and budget to ensure all are progressing as planned

We will assist and report on all the aspects of your project to you - from initial planning and budgeting to quality and cost control – and will ensure your dream Villa becomes a reality with all the necessary guarantees in place.

We will assist and report on all aspects of your project to you - from initial planning and budgeting to quality and cost control -and we will ensure your dream property becomes a reality.

SERVICE:  Our sales service continues long after the completion date


SH Hotel Villa Gadea, local 2
Altea (Alicante)
  • Diamond Casas Real Estate
  • SH Hotel Villa Gadea, local 2
  • 03599 Altea (Alicante)
  • + 34 671 548 458
  • + 34 965 845 734

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